A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher.

                                                                                                                    Luke 6:40 NASB


Key Principles for Christian Teachers

  1. Good teachers won’t merely teach well.  Good teachers impart knowledge.  Knowledge begins with the fear of the Lord (Prov. 1:7).  This point is critical.

  2. Good teachers must first possess what they purport to impart to students.  Luke 6:40 sobers the teacher to be fully equipped themselves, acting as a living model of individuals that possess real knowledge.

  3. Good teachers recognize the important role that knowing one’s true origin plays in a student’s life; imparting proper identity, a right view of belonging, the source of authority, a compelling purpose, and a wise course of action.  This means holding to a literal (grammatical historical) understanding of Genesis and being able to articulate its relevance to all academic disciplines and culture (Jn. 5:46-47).

  4. Good teachers are bold in speech, unhindered by the fear of man in naming the name of Jesus Christ, and using His word (Acts 4:18-19, 5:29 – 30)(Matt. 10:32-33, Acts 4:31, et. al.).

  5. Good teachers recognize the importance of, and welcome, cross-examination in the search for truth (Prov. 18:17, Acts 17:11).

  6. Good teachers understand the times (1 Chron. 12:32) with knowledge of what should be done and thus taught.

  7. Good teachers speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15).

  8. Good teachers understand biblical origin and proper jurisdiction of family, church, and state, especially in the educational process.

  9. Good teachers grasp the weight that a teaching ministry carries with it (James 3:1), being weary of presumption.

  10. Good teachers are mindful of their motivation to teach, namely, love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith (1 Tim. 1:5).


“Good” – adj.  that which is in conformity to God’s purpose in design.

“Teacher” – n. one who instructs into a particular doctrine, method, or practice.

A skilled teacher can teach a body of content and produce high retention in students.  Yet a good teacher imparts knowledge (Prov. 1:7) and that profits eternally (Matt. 14:26a).