Cover Letter


My name is Jay Jusino and I am seeking a science teaching position opening for the 2013/2014 school year.   I am equally interested in gaining an opportunity to move into Christian school administration.  My strength area is the maintenance of foundational Christian doctrine, clearly speaking forth the mystery of Christ (Col. 4:3-4), yet careful to supply wisdom and grace in the process (Col. 4:5-6).

Please find my resume here, my personal Christian testimony here, and my philosophy of Christian education here.   Also, the two supporting hyperlinks accompanied by the letters “CD” indicate a link to information obtained from my personal results of the CareerDirect® occupational survey created and utilized by Crown Financial Ministries to match an individual’s skills and interests with established career choices.

I have taught science for 15 years at the middle and high school level in a variety of school settings.   My B.S. degrees are in Applied Biology and Biology Education respectively and I am currently enrolled in the M.S. in Educational Leadership program at Pensacola Christian College.  My passion is for worldview and science philosophy as it relates to the Bible and modern culture. I am a solid young earth creationist , meaning I hold the Word of God above the word of man, and am passionate about teaching both students and teachers the relevance and importance of this issue.   You may gain a more detailed understanding of the importance I give to this truth by referencing the PDF of my position paper on the topic entitled Six Days That Matter.

That said, I believe my calling includes instruction to teachers as well as to students [CD – see “tasks”].   I desire to be involved in developing and maintaining a cohesive biblical/Christian worldview for an entire school.  Over the years I have seen a need for worldview consistency within the staff of the various Christian schools I have been blessed to work in.   I believe the Lord has been training me over the years for this type of work.

I continue to develop my own understanding of biblical worldview as I have grown over the years through my own studying and reading, in preparation for teaching, in working with international students, and in the ongoing process of raising a family.  I have also learned a lot through my experience with the PEERS worldview test put out by the Nehemiah Institute and through teaching from one of their publications, Education from the Biblical Worldview , to the staff at Tri-State Christian school in Galena IL.  I have lead worldview presentations to the staff at the Academy of Christian Leadership in Valatie, NY as well.  Viewing several recent worldview documentary trailers on the topics of education, government, and media may be helpful for you in understanding how I view the importance of the development and maintenance of a biblical/Christian worldview for staff and students alike.

What I intend to bring with me to your school besides the passion listed above, is maturity in the classroom, depth and integrity among the staff, and a desire to disciple students, not only in the academic realm, but also in the realm of Christian family living.

I would be very interested to talk to you further if it seems good to you after your reading of this cover letter and after your viewing the resume found under the “about” tab on this website.  Lastly, if you wish to see more objective data regarding my INTERESTS, SKILLS, VALUES, and OCCUPATIONS from Career Direct®, please click here (CD).

In Christ

Jay Jusino